The Green Band Boosters are seeking volunteers for the 2021-2022 school year. There is something to suit everyone’s interests and commitment preferences. Please consider your ability to help out in whatever way possible. Maybe you would like to co-chair together with a friend or volunteer with a veteran chairperson to “learn the ropes.” Volunteers are the backbone of all band functions and your unique and individual contributions are welcome!

A blue form for the 2021 year was sent home with students on July 27, 2021 to fill out. You can access a digital copy of the form here. Please indicate your volunteer interests. Below is a list of committees that need volunteers to be successful.

N/AN/ABaking/Food Donations
Mike BoyeaPhil BuchananBand Camp 2021
Becky MundyPauline LightTag Day
Amanda TuckerN/AChaperones
Ellyn MoserN/ACommunications
LynnAnn SklackKathleen RobinsonConcession Stand
Michelle SmithValerie SchwartzCraft Show
Eric SchwartzEquipment Truck
Rebecca KlinbeilFundraising
Chris MartinScrips
Heidi SantucciStudent OfficersSocial Committees / Spring Banquet
Christi PojeSprit Wear
Kris PritchardNEEDEDUniforms
Chris MartinWebpage
2021-2022 Officers
President – Valerie Schwartz
Vice President – NEEDED
Secretary – Kathleen Robinson
Treasurer – Angel Seeley

Those who visit www.greenbandboosters.org  as a resource for our activities will have an advantage of seeing the opportunities for the coming year before many others.