RaiseRight (formerly Scrip) Program


RaiseRight Orders
 — always due by the first day of every month


Send checks (made out to Green Band Boosters) to Christopher Martin, or through the Raise Right app on your mobile device, or buy on-line with www.raiseright.com

The RaiseRight Card program was started several years ago as a designated fundraiser for uniform replacement money.  We will need to be replacing our marching band uniforms in the next few years.   It is a “cash card” system.  You purchase cards you would use at retail establishments and the band makes a percentage off of every card.  The percentages vary from business to business AND for those of you who depend on Giant Eagle FuelPerks, you can purchase Giant Eagle Gift Cards through the program, use them for groceries or even to purchase other gift cards at GE, and still get fuel rewards.

RaiseRight Cards will be available to order only at the beginning of each month.  Please make your selections on one of the attached order forms, make your check payable to Green Band Boosters, and send it to Christopher Martin 74 Moore Rd, Akron, OH 44319.  Mark your calendars on the first of each month as a reminder to place your order!

There are three ways you can order RaiseRight cards.

  1. Use the paper form sent out each month, or the one posted on this web site.  Send your completed order form to Christopher Martin 74 Moore Rd, Akron, OH 44319 along with a check made out to the Green Band Boosters.
  2. Order from www.raiseright.com.  Use this code to specify that you are part of the Green Band Boosters: B234C56317819.   Send Christopher Martin a check for the amount made out to Green Band Boosters.
  3. Order from www.raiseright.com and use their “PrestoPay” feature.   PrestoPay will deduct the amount of your order from your checking account.  Please be aware that PrestoPay will check with Chris Martin to verify that you are with the Green Band Booster organization.  So, you might let him know if you are setting up a PrestoPay account.  Chris’s telephone number is 330-861-4935

All orders are sent via Federal Express to the Green High School office.  Chris will make arrangements for distribution when the cards arrive.