Green Band Boosters Committees


Listed below are descriptions and functions of the various Band Booster Committees and Special Committees of the organization.  In each case, parent volunteers dedicate time and talents, each according to ability and availability, in order to successfully organize and promote the activity.

Parent volunteers are both encouraged and welcome to participate.  The committee chairperson can give detailed information about opportunities available.  Some activities are limited due to high parent involvement while others can accommodate an unlimited number of volunteers.

Uniform Committee –  In conjunction with the Executive Board, this committee recommends the purchase of uniforms, is responsible for all the uniforms, maintains an up-to-date roster on all uniform parts, issues, collects, cleans, repairs and stores the uniforms.  Though marching season is the busiest time, year-round responsibilities require a large, unlimited number of volunteers.

Banquet Committee –  All banquets and special events that are undertaken throughout the year are overseen by this committee.

Publicity Committee –  Responsible for the publicity of the organization and for all advertisements concerning fund raising activities of the band, this committee is also responsible for publishing and distributing a periodic newsletter to the parents of all band students in the Green Schools and to members of the school administration.

Telephone Committee –  This committee, having a list of all band members and their telephone numbers,  make calls as necessary at the request of any Executive Board member or of any committee chairperson.

Chaperone Committee –  Responsible for getting chaperones per the recommendation of the Band Director(s) for each officially sanctioned Band function, the chaperones may also be requested by the Band Director(s) to handle additional responsibilities, e.g., maintaining the medical forms file, or accompanying students during an emergency situation.

Concessions Committee – This committee is responsible for getting workers to work in the concession stand at each home football game and operating all aspects of the stand. It also assists with beverage and food service, as needed, at other band events.

Ways and Means Committee  – In charge of all money making projects undertaken by this organization, Ways and Means is the overseer of all money-making projects undertaken by this organization. They work in conjunction with each project chairperson to facilitate consistent procedures and record keeping in all fundraising activities. The Ways and Means Coordinator and project chairpersons conduct an annual review of the projects and make recommendations for the following year.

Tag Day – Organizing the distribution of the Green Band Community calendars, this committee organizes parent drivers, students and routes throughout the community, as well as the collection of donations & contributions from calendar sales.

Calendars – This committee designs, formats and produces the Green Band Community calendar as well as solicits advertisements to be placed on the calendar.  Their work, the finished calendar, is then turned over to the Tag Day committee for distribution.

Band Show – Members of the Band Show Committee organize and plan the annual Green Band Festival where bands from visiting schools join our own band in an evening of marching performances.  Programs, raffles, announcements, safety & security, awards and ticket sales are all vital functions run by this committee.

Entertainment Books – A trip account fundraiser, this activity is supervised by volunteers who distribute books to and collect funds from students who sell the Entertainment Books to family friends & community.

Spring Banquet – As part of the Banquets Committee this group of volunteers works on the planning and organization of the Spring banquet for band students & parents.  It’s an afternoon meal and awards ceremony capping off the band’s year of activities, usually held on the first Sunday in May.

Band Camp – A week long get-a-way for students and directors, this Sunday through Friday event allows  the new band for the coming year to practice intensely in preparation for marching season.  The volunteers plan and organize the non-music related activities for the week as well as chaperone the students at FFA Camp Muskingham in Carrollton, OH.

Fall Craft Show – One of our largest and most exciting fundraisers, this event brings in over 100 local crafters for a day to the High School hallways.  Volunteers plan and organize everything from crafter reservations months in advance to the final clean-up the day of the show.  Students and parents assist crafters, set up tables, sell raffle tickets, prepare concessions and much, much more.

Fruit Sale – A new fundraiser begun in the of Fall 2003, this fundraiser promises to be very profitable. Student take orders for cases of fruit in November for December delivery.  The committee organizes the sale and distribution.

Corporate Donations – Businesses and organizations throughout the area really do support our Instrumental Music program.  This committee sends letters requesting financial contributions and follows with certificates of  “thanks” to those who donated funds to the band.

Senior Night – A special event recognizing the efforts of the senior class band members, this event takes place at a home football game half time show.  Volunteers prepare information about the students, arrange for flowers & photographers and plan a reception after the game.

Audit Committee – Once per fiscal year this group of volunteers scours the books and financial records of the Band Boosters and reports back to the general membership as to the accuracy of the accounting and financial condition of the Boosters.

Nominations Committee – Band Booster Executive officers are elected once per year in March.  The nominating committee solicits names of those interested in running for one of the four elected positions and presents them to the general membership for a vote.

Scholarship Committee – Each year in April graduating senior band members apply for one of 2 Band Booster scholarships.  This committee reviews the applications and vote for their top two choices to receive $500 each from the Band Boosters.

Volunteer Committee – Working with all other committees, this group of volunteers actively recruits volunteers for various Band Booster activities and makes volunteer opportunities available & known to parents of band students.