Spirit Wear

From Amy Cambier:

Our band officers did a great job choosing this year’s designs & products.
Much thanks to them!!!!!

Below are 2 order forms. The 1st one will be due by next Thursday July
24th…please turn in next week so they will be in & distributed in time for
band camp in case your child wants to use it for luggage, instrument case,
etc. I will be there at the beginning of each practice (tues, wed, thurs) to
collect orders. I will turn them in the afternoon of the 26th. 

The 2nd consists of the apparel, this form will be due August 12. You can
still order window stickers & bag tags too; they will be delivered in plenty
of time for our 1st game on August 30th.

You may turn in apparel & product forms anytime time till the 12th. But if
you want the bags tags before band camp I will need that form by Thursday.
If you turn in apparel orders at that time, I will need you to issue 2
separate checks because of the turn in date to have the tags back before

Sizes are true to size. Order correctly, there are no returns or exchanges.

Any questions please contact me! Looking forward to a great season.

Amy Cambier