Volunteer spots for upcoming school years are filled mostly on Parents Night at Band Camp in early August.  On that evening, popular activities for volunteers such as chaperoning and Concession stand usually fill very quickly.  However, in addition to the most common volunteer opportunities such as these, there are numerous other ways parents of band members in all grades can help the Band Booster organization in our support roles to the Instrumental Music Department.

The Committee page on our web site is a good source of information about the Boosters activities.  Check our soon to be posted VOLUNTEER LIST to see who we have on record for certain activities.

Those who visit  www.greenbandboosters.org  as a resource for our activities will have an advantage of seeing the opportunities for the coming year before many others.

The Boosters need parent involvement to successfully support the Band….and it’s fun as well.

If you have 1 hour a month, we have ways you can help.
If you have 1 day a month, we have ways you can help.
If you can give up 1, 2, 3, or 4 days per year, we need your help.

Please submit volunteer requests to Lisa Adkins at lisa.adkins99@gmail.com.