Current Fundraiser

Fundraising opportunities this month include:

RIGHT NOW!  Scrip Gift Cards

Create a personal account and log in, using this code:

CEEFBA6A17819 all capital letters on the web site.

The code is connected to the band, so the band will get a % of your sales.

They are E GIFT CARDS.

The way this works is…. 
Log into your account (make an account if you are new & follow the instructions),

EXAMPLE: You’ll see that O’Charleys E-Gift card has a 15% BACK BONUS, normal rewards is 13%.What ever amount you buy (say $25), YOU get the FULL $25 in  a gift card.  The BAND will get 15% of that sale, $3.75. On a normal day, the band would get 13%.


Oct 7 – Chipotle from 4-8pm   

If you forget the flyer, be sure to mention you are with the GREEN BAND before & when you pay, ensuring that we get our portion.  This has been a great fundraiser in the past.  Tell your friends, family & mark your calendars!  THIS WEDNESDAY!  4PM-8PM

Good news!  You don’t even have to get out of your car if you don’t want to!  Use promo code H4MR8ZQ before checkout to connect your order to the fundraiser.  How cool is that!?


Greenery Sale

our newest fundraiser for band and it is completely contactless!!!!
Go to: 
Orders are placed by individuals online with Green Band Boosters special fundraising code which is listed on the form below.
The special fundraising code is entered and the referring members name(band student) who is to receive credit for the sale. 
The student will receive $8 into their band trip account for each evergreen gift purchased. But the students name must be entered when ordering online in order to receive the credit.
Orders will be shipped directly to the customers that ordered online or to the recipient they designate to receive the greenery.
Please share the flyer with friends and family who would like to support our band program this year.