Current Fundraiser

Fundraising opportunities this month include:

RIGHT NOW!  Scrip Gift Cards

Create a personal account and log in, using this code:

CEEFBA6A17819 all capital letters on the web site.

The code is connected to the band, so the band will get a % of your sales.

They are E GIFT CARDS.

The way this works is…. 
Log into your account (make an account if you are new & follow the instructions),

EXAMPLE: You’ll see that O’Charleys E-Gift card has a 15% BACK BONUS, normal rewards is 13%.What ever amount you buy (say $25), YOU get the FULL $25 in  a gift card.  The BAND will get 15% of that sale, $3.75. On a normal day, the band would get 13%.


Dining to Donate

TGI Friday’s has generously offered to host a Dining to Donate on the second Tuesday of each month. Please show or present the flyer to make things easy for your server. And don’t forget to double up your fundraising support by purchasing a Friday’s gift card through Scrip!

Print current flyer HERE.